Better Leave Town

by Better Leave Town

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Gravado entre Junho de 2014 e Janeiro de 2015. Baterias com Lucas Arbigaus no Estúdio Passagem de Som em Curitiba. Baixo, guitarras e vozes com Diego Xavier no Estúdio Wasabi em São José dos Campos. Guitarras e vozes extras gravadas em casa por nós.

Mixado e Masterizado por Andi "Vico" Torresani no Estudio Milano em Zurich.

Toda a arte por Fernando Denti


Recorded between June 2014 and January 2015. Drums with Lucas Arbigaus at Estúdio Passagem de Som in Curitiba. Bass, guitar and vocals with Diego Xavier at Estúdio Wasabi in São José Dos Campos. Extra guitars and vocals recorded at home by ourselves.

Mixed and mastered by Andi "Vico" Torresani at Studio Milano in Zurich.

Artwork by Fernando Denti


released February 13, 2015

Prejuízo Records



all rights reserved


Better Leave Town Curitiba, Brazil

you better leave town if you only wanna knock us.

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Track Name: Six Months In a Row
Six months in a row
Caged in my own dark room

Don't know what is standing near

But i can't live without it

So i ask now, what to think? There's nothing here that let me feel! Am i alive? No one can answer for me. But i stand still. Is this real?

We spread a painful disease
There's always a struggle
Who can be on the top?
And which one is gonna break first?

Was i happy or just disturbed? There's nothing here. The ignorance
or self-destruct.

I was leaving, not just you, but all my dreams to be away from any dream. I want to live one single experience far from home. Silence could mean everything, but we love destroy. Yeah, we love destroy.

Is this real? No one can answer for me.
Track Name: Hate To Say
She can't take another whole year plan.
“I still wait the day you’ll change. so don't take too long. Cause I hate to say.”
She can't take another whole year plan.
“I know you’ll be there, to bring it down. So don't take too long. Cause I hate to say, i told you so.”
Track Name: Can You Meet Me Again?
Every step is a fucking painful conquest.
This world has left us with the evident fragility that the blood easily oozes through our tired eyes.

Double-dealing, betrayals, one after another.
Now, "who to trust?" can be a perverse game.
No good expectations. New rules established an internal prison.

I know how your shield works, and we're all looking for shelter, but not all the thorns made me leave you. It's not a sweet question, but i still want to know: Can you meet me again?
Track Name: Memories And Numbers
Last night I saw you writing on that little book we bought on my birthday trip. It was sunday night and I was almost sleeping but you were lost between memories and numbers. And I remember the sound of your voice when you talked about how hard is work and always be fucked and how sad you feel every time you realize that our money is gone, like we blew it through the wind. I just keep in mind the way your words sounds and I feel bad for every morning that I watched you sleep for a while before you wake. I can feel the weight on your shoulders so I just kiss you, and hope you have a good day. You called me to know if everything is fine, but the way you talk says that you're not ok. And I hate myself for all the plans I've made for things that never change. And i remember the sound of your voice...
Track Name: All Over
first time it's all over me. no fights, no laughs, no regrets.
you drop your guns and made me pay back.
tired of living another test.

when it's all over me. she need sometime. need's something.

first time it's all over me. no fight, no laughs , no regrets.
you drop your guns and made me pay for.
so funny how fast we loose control when it's all over me.

she need sometime. need's something.

you made a monster of this.
you threw me words i can say when its all over me.
Track Name: Home Drive, Long Night
For nights and nights i dive into my mind.
A thousand times i drive all night. in search for things i never find.
We don't belong here. can you see the end or a reason to keep moving? Always all ways late.
Is just a reason to keep moving.
Its gonna be a fucking long night.
Track Name: New Desert
We said tomorrow, but can you feel right now?
it seems to me that the fork just got back.
It's not so easy to measure the steps of each other when we are part of the storm.

Blurred vision and wet clothes say we need to go. It's not a way to hell, believe me, there is a flow more powerful than any expectations we had. The big effort of living together on the road...

Someday we will thank for the effort we could sustain. Yeah, we all lost something... it's time for searching!

I will walk through this new desert
Wishing to never go back
Even knowing i left a home
Where the feelings we're the real part
Of my heart and my soul
I will walk through this new desert
Wishing to never go back.
Track Name: Bring Us Peace
To find something to forget all those written lines, To find anything that helps to forgive us now. "I dont mind if you'll never know I dont mind if we'll never change Cause living the plans that we've pretended will make us grow to join a future"

So thats what you said to me, But each one is in a separate way. Yes, the distance is now too far and can't find a reason not to call this a lie.

So please just stay away. Or, please, stay...
If you carry new things that bring us peace.
Track Name: Not Safe
He came out from bed, then she said: "you got late again!" but who cares? cause he's been up all night, but cheap coffee must wash it all away.

She lost track again and must pay for someone else's mistake.
It's not fair. cause she can’t be what they had planned.
So that's how another day ends.

You must feel fine between these walls, but not safe when must be someone loosing it.
Track Name: Control
Can you challenge yourself when hard times come up?
Some might say I just bet for the wrong way, but there is no one who can answer "what is the right thing to do in love?"

When we’re young, no one tell us about the hard pressures and about crossing inside barriers that push us always into a black hole.

I have lived enough – time is running out - and with sure I can say that I didn’t know how to handle it all, it does not seem that I will have in my hands control!

All this time drowned in expectations and I leave you now as a stranger, unknown to what comes next in our lives. We should destroy power while we can do it for ourselves. With sure I can say that I didn’t know how to handle control.

The coming years could bring no wills, just silent steps to find a way.

With sure I can say that we can’t know how to handle it all.
We should destroy power and face our lives in a straight way with no control!
Track Name: Mr. Banana Monster
So I must thank you for the last six years. And I know sometimes we need a place for our own, but there’s always someone on our couch.
And I know someday we'll get old, but I'll still die with every bill we must to pay or when we need to buy a new car. But i don't mind, maybe i will not fuckin mind. And i know there's nights you want me to go. This house won't seem so empty now. But who's gonna be the first one to cross that door? Good night. Sleep tight.